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We will never be the biggest ERP provider in the world. We will not risk our future by spending all our resources on marketing.

We will not play the games that others do. They quote a High List Price for their license fees, and then discount it heavily to get the business. The trick is that they require the Annual Maintenance Fees based on the List Price. Each year, they base future Annual Maintenance Fees on the full List Price that is in effect at that time.

We have a great product. We will continue to enhance it in conjunction with our customers. Those enhancements are available to all our customers.

We live by one simple rule "Life is too short to be unhappy". For you to be happy, you must feel that you received a fair deal. For us to be happy, we must be paid for the time we provide in service.

To appreciate what ABW can do for you; take a look at the ABW Product Map.
The Bottom Line