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Virtually every company today is using some type of software to run their business. Microsoft SQL Server provides a tool called SQL Server Integration Services. It will take virtually any other SQL database or text file and create SQL Server Tables.

That is where the real conversion starts. The interpretation and conversion of data from differing tables requires knowledge of your existing tables and the tables in the new system. That is true for any product.

Many times there is a need to clean up the data from the old system. All this takes time. It may be that you have people on your staff that can perform this function. If so, that is great because it will save you money. If not, you need to have funds set aside to pay for this service. Saving money that you normally would have spent on high License Fees makes a lot of sense.

One of the things that is very helpful in the conversion process is Documentation. We provide ours in three easy to use formats.
Convert Your Data