• Simple Query Generates Excel Spreadsheet
  • Can Be User Defined and Modified
  • Our Query Builder is available to lead you through the definition process
  • Security By User to Control Access
  • Simple Input Parameter Screens
  • Powerful SQL-based Retrieval
  • Allows Quick Turnaround for Ad Hoc Reporting
  • SQL functions such as Sum, Count, Average, Min and Max
  • Output from complex stored procedures can be used
  • Retains usage records by user and by query with parameter inputs
  • Data is exported in native Excel format for use with all Excel functions
There is no need to wait for a programmer to create a report. As soon as the SQL query is completed, you can retrieve data into Excel. Once your data is in Excel, you can produce Pivot Tables for subtotaling, Bar Graphs or Pie Charts.

Click here to download the Data Export User Guide.
Data Export